Presenting Yourself Powerfully

A powerful presentation skills program for people who need to successfully persuade and influence audiences, leaving a positive and powerful impact.

The “Presenting Yourself Powerfully” training program focuses on powerhouse presentation and communication techniques. This highly customised training focuses on all aspects of preparation and delivery of key messages to convey clarity, credibility, brevity and persuasiveness.

We will show you how to identify and implement strategies to create a better business “performance” when communicating with clarity and speaking with impact is paramount. This highly interactive and practical workshop will provide your participants with the confidence and skills to handle any audience and perform “question and answer” with credibility and conviction. Your participants will enjoy demonstrating what they have learnt – at every step of the workshop – in pairs and small groups in a fun, non threatening environment. True- to-life case studies will be included which will give your participants the chance to shine in often tough situations.

We know the best way to learn great presentation skills is to learn from a trainer who knows exactly what type of presentations you need to deliver and understands your business. Tina Altieri will fully customise your program and have a thorough understanding of the topics and scenarios that are often faced by your participants.

Pitching to Win

The “Pitch to Win” training program will focus on professionals on all levels who need to pitch successfully to new business.

Imagine what you might be able to achieve in business and in life if you could ‘win the pitch’ every time. Imagine being able to deliver your presentation and always have people comment on how powerfully you come across.

If you want your customers, clients, stakeholders, colleagues and bosses to see you in a position of strength, there’s just one thing you need to do – Pitch to Win. This highly successful training workshop will have your audiences wanting to know more about you and more about your services.

Despite the onslaught of new communication technology, the need to communicate powerfully and pitch successfully in front of audiences, large and small, seems to be more important than ever. Learning to pitch and present perfectly is a powerful way to sell yourself and your message.

In this interactive, fun and highly productive workshop, Tina Altieri will help you to develop your content and present yourself in a confident, professional and engaging way.

Powerhouse Presentation Skills Training for Presenters & Commentators

Powerhouse Presentation Skills for Presenters will have every participant walking away with the complete skills set and confidence to deliver outstanding presentations and commentary.

One of the important components of this specialised training workshop is the use of a professional camera operator who will record participants going through their paces. It’s a great experience for everyone when our professional cameras capture each participant progressing and developing through the workshop. Some will be replayed for feedback and analysis by Professional Trainer and Speaker – Tina Altieri.

“The Powerhouse Presentation Skills for Presenters” workshop is highly effective in developing every participant’s style. We bring out the “performer” in every one of our participants. An exciting, high- energy and successful program that demonstrates results immediately.

“Tina is a brilliant trainer. She is articulate, engaging, always present with sincere intent to impart knowledge. I believe the pre-work Tina developed has definitely helped formulate her approach for this session and it was well-customised.”
Janice Lim, Director and General Manager Hewlett Packard, South East Asia
“What a great effort! Thankyou for the past 2 days of action packed workshops. You did an outstanding job and the feedback was very positive from a number of the participants. You’re an absolute professional and you deliver a great programme. We are very lucky to have you working with us.”
Kristene Mullen, VP Communications, McDonalds Australia
“We all walked away from the workshop as better presenters and have since won a major contract after a competitive pitch. Personally I had the chance to work with Tina on a major presentation. I had to deliver in front of 200 top ranking people in the airline industry. I went from someone with stage fright issues to a competent presenter.”
Jovita Toh, Managing Director, Emphasis Media Limited
“Tina, your energy and enthusiasm was contagious. Two of us had a major presentation the very next week to over 700 of our peers from around the world. It was great testimony to your efforts that we actually won the award by vote after our presentation.”
Jill Henry, CEO, Sarawak Convention Bureau
“Colleagues in the office told me recently that they could tell which presenters had been to your Engaging Executives Presentation workshop. It really made a massive difference to their performance.”
Bob Couzens, Dept of Education and Training Division Manager, WA
“I wish I could have started working with Tina at MaxCommunicate years ago. I have had the pleasure of working with Tina over the past 12 months. During that time, Tina has made an amazing impact in both my presentation style as well as the way I prepare – what an amazing person and mentor.”
Rona Starr, McDonald's Corporation


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